Time for Lunch at Ogden

Lunch time at Ogden is from 11:20-12:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday is an early dismissal day.  Lunch is from 10:55-11:50.  Children in grades 1-3 eat lunch at 11:20.  Children in grades 4-6 eat lunch at 11:50.  While one group of children is eating; the other is outside for recess.  Adult supervision is provided in the lunchroom and on the playground. 

All of our students in grades one through six participate in grade level team meetings at the start of each school year where we talk about the norms of our lunchroom and playground. The three norms go along with our whole school guiding principles of:

“Take care of yourself. Take care of each other; Take care of this place.”

Students are involved in the development of our procedures that put the norms into action. Together we model and practice what the procedures look and sound like and how we feel when we all cooperate together. 

Take Care of Yourself. 


• Use wet wipes that are supplied at each table for hand cleanliness.  

• Use an “inside”, normal talking voice to help keep it quieter. 
• Don’t “scream” when the horn or bell rings at indoor or outdoor recess. 
• Always WALK to and from and in the dining room for safety reasons. 
• Carry your milk appropriately (no tossing) because it could make a mess. 
• Clean up your own area and help out with your table area too. 
• Keep your trash at your place until the garbage can comes around -on your side -and nicely place your trash in the garbage can. Please pick-up both the tabletop and the floor by your seat.  
• There are generally 3 nut or other allergy free tables in the lunchroom.  One friend may join a student who may need to sit at these tables.  Students with nut allergies MAY NOT sit at these tables.

Take Care of Each Other.

• Eat your own lunch. We do not share lunches for health and safety reasons.  
• Help to clean up your table & nearby floor area. 
• Ask others to play with you outside 
• Include everyone. 
• Talk together about the rules of the games you are playing and listen to other people’s ideas. 
• Invite others to sit with you.  Saving seats is not permitted.
• Take turns and share equipment. 

Take Care of This Place. 


• Clean up the floor of your area and pick up anything you see on the floor. 
• When the whistle sounds, stop activity and return equipment to bin and then get into line. 
• If the whistle sounds and a ball or jump rope is lying near you, pick it up and return it to the bin, even if you didn’t play with it. 
• Stop playing when the whistle sounds and get into line.  
• No toys from home. Small SOFT balls, hacky sacks & playing cards are ok if you can keep it in your pocket and they are not distracting during learning(class) time. Electronic games, music devices are NOT ALLOWED. 
• Do not bring glass bottles for safety reasons. 
• If children go home for lunch they should not return until 12:10 or when the other children are lining up on the playground.    
• Listen to all of the dining room and recess supervisors because they are here to help you follow these norms and to keep you safe. Together we can all have a  happy lunchtime! 
• We do NOT allow restaurant lunches to be brought to school. If you would like to take your child out for lunch for the lunch hour, please sign them out in the office. Children who have restaurant lunches brought in will eat in the office.  

Thank you for your support of our Dining Room and Playground Norms and Procedures by having a conversation with your child(ren) at home. When children know that their parents have the same behavior expectations as the school, we all benefit!

Remember also, we still have an open campus for lunch time.  Some of our students benefit from the lunch break at home. Going home for lunch can be calming and renews energy. This is especially true for our first graders who are getting used to a full day of school. 

Discipline during the Lunch Hour
Every effort will be made to prevent the need for behavior consequences.  However, children do make mistakes.  The lunch and playground supervisors focus on natural consequences that begin with a discussion.  Students who have severe behavior issues (inappropriate language, refusal to follow directions, physical aggression for example), will have a discussion with the lunch director and will receive a letter to take home to parents.  The letter will include a description of the situation requiring a consequence and a Talk About page.  Parents and children are encouraged to talk about the situation and discuss possible alternatives.  Parents are asked to sign and return this page.  

All of us at Ogden, and especially our lunchtime supervisors, look forward to a pleasant and enjoyable lunchtime at Ogden all year! At any time if you have lunchtime or lunch playground questions, please contact the principal or the Lunch Director.