Bus Routes for 2018-19

Ogden provides bussing to and from Barnsdale Kindergarten Center for those students attending kindergarten at the center.  Students arrive at Ogden by 8:05.  They line-up along the fence in front of Door #2.  When the weather does not permit outdoor line-up, the children enter the building at Door #2 and line-up down the art and music hallway.  A supervisor will be assisting the children.  There will be a bus monitor from Barnsdale riding the bus with the children.  

Bussing for eligible children in grades 1-6  will be available at a per child cost. Eligible bus riders live more than 1.5 miles from school or in an area where walking to school involves a serious safety hazard that is not attended by a crossing guard. Serious safety hazards are generally busy roadways and railroad crossings. Bussing fees will be announced annually.  For more information, contact the Ogden School Secretary. 


To view the 2018-19 bus route, please click here.