Building Goal

Dear Community Members,


I am pleased to share with you the area of focus for Ogden Avenue this year.  The building goal was developed collectively by the staff at the start of the school year.  Our vision was to have the goal framed for the first day of school and then continue to develop the tangible actions we could embed in our daily practice to further support our students.  Here is our stated focus for the year:

In the 2018-2019 school year, Ogden Avenue will promote student equity and agency with a supportive and intentional professional practice that fosters social and academic independence and success.

This goal captures our collective vision that diversity and individual difference are strengths.  Everyone brings a worthwhile perspective to their classroom and to the school.  All voices deserve to be heard.  You can expect to see evidence from your children with their projects and classroom discussions.  There is much to be excited about with this goal and I am very pleased and proud of the Ogden professional community for their mindful work as they bring it into their daily practice.

- Mr. Joe McCauley, Principal