In light of the continuing developments with COVID-19, all District 102 buildings will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. For all communication related to COVID-19, please look at our D102 alert page. 

For additional support during alternative learning, please click the following links: 
Family Resources for Alternative Learning
Surviving Remote Learning and COVID-19 Coping Support

Barnsdale Attendance Form
Congress Park Attendance Form
Cossitt Attendance Form
Forest Road Attendance Form
Ogden Attendance Form
Park Jr. High Attendance Form
Ogden Avenue Staff Directory

Extensions can be direct dialed by calling 708-215-xxxx, where xxxx is the extension number.

Last Name First Name Position Email Extension
Adams Cynthia Grade 2 6674
Alfano Alexis Grade 1 6633
Anderson Michelle Grade 6 6636
Baratta Cheryl Para  
Bolte Erika Reading Interventionist 6655
Cagle Catherine Grade 1 6686
Campbell Lynette Assistant Principal 6688
Carter Michael Grade 4 6785
Cefali Sandra Multiple Subjects  
Champagne Kathryn Occupational Therapist  
Clawson Elizabeth Secretary/Data Custodian 6601
Connors Jaime Grade 4 6678
Dean James World Language  
Dobry Aimee Grade 1 6679
Feig Maribel LRC Assistant 6618
Gora Gloria Para  
Gross Michelle Grade 5 6669
Guelfi Andrea Grade 2 6781
Hadraba Katharine Special Education Teacher 6786
Howley Ronda Grade 1 6609
Hutchinson Clare Grade 5 6632
III James World Languages  
Kalis Sarah Resource Teacher 6787
Kaminski Jennifer Grade 3 6629
Kielbasa Sarah Grade 2 6608
Kral Wendy Para  
LeGare Deborah Music 6615
Luxem Mary Health Aide 6624
Matz Amy Grade 5 6699
McCauley Joe Principal 6600
Meeker Jennifer Instructional Coach 6788
Moe Ryan Speech Language Pathologist 6670
Moore Deborah Para  
Mosher Jeanine Grade 6 6641
Napoli Cheryl Grade 2 6607
Noffsinger Andrew Art 6616
Olsen Danyelle Nurse 6650
Oplawski-Sedlacek Katharine Grade 1 6604
Overman Maureen Tech Specialist 6664
Oware-Asamoah Nana Psychologist 6789
Parra Selina Para  
Pelka William Custodian 6606
Petersen Tara Grade 4 6613
Peterson Polly Secretary/Data Custodian 6602
Pitelka Julia Librarian/Media Specialist 6618
Plecas Angela Grade 3 6681
Regan Stacey Resource Teacher 6657
Revak Maria Grade 5 6673
Robertson Vanessa Kindergarten 6663
Roscoe William Grade 5 6637
Rowder Lauren Talent Development 6634
Schroeder Jane Grade 6 6642
Serfling Kerri Math Interventionist 6696
Shamet Kimberly Grade 6 6611
Slinkman Sara Para  
Sorensen Mary Reading Interventionist  
Spitzner Cara Grade 4 6689
Thimmig Karen Special Education Teacher 6658
Toth Wendy Social Worker 6626
Tusek Nancy Grade 3 6644
Valeika Elizabeth Para  
Vaupell Lauren Grade 3 6630
Wagner Nora Physical Therapist  
Walke Joy Resource Teacher 6622
Wesa Kathleen Para  
Westfall Daniel Custodian 6606
Wilder Anthony PE 6617
Wintersteen Ross Resource Teacher 6610
Zak Chris PE 6652
Zima John Chief Custodian 6606
Zuppa Laura Para  
LaGrange School District 102
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